Once in a lifetime – doing an MBA (part 1)

Henley Blogs

Are you smart enough?

I spent more than 10 years in C-suite jobs in the music industry. I didn’t get there by being smart, or using my know-how alone. A lot of it involved using my heart, not just my head, trusting my gut and also a little sprinkling of luck. 

Being in the right place at the right time, for example gripping someone’s hand in a turbulent flight on an airplane, talking to someone on a train or in a lift or sharing a taxi with someone who might later cross my career path again.

Incidentally, there’s a book called Hearts, Guts, Smarts and Luck which one of my favourite authors, Dorie Clark, recommended in one of her recent TEDx talks.

So back in 2013, I left C-suites and set up as an entrepreneurial freelance consultant. Where had I got to in terms of my smarts

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